Environmental stewardship rests at the core of Blutip’s products. Blutip SmartRControl optimizes engine maps to create a more complete fuel burn within the diesel engine itself. This reduces particulate emissions from diesel engines by up to 70%. Many of our customers, such as Newmont, value Blutip products for their ability to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as much as for their fuel savings. In a deployment at the company’s Boddington, Ahafo, and Twin Creeks operations, Newmont found that Blutip SmartRControl reduced GHG by up to 102 tonnes per year for each haul truck in the study.

The SmartRFuel platform impacts both the financial and environmental bottom line. Each litre of diesel fuel saved reduces GHG for site operators. The SmartRControl unit helps reduce fuel burn directly by automatically optimizing engine performance for specific applications, and SmartRSite can help identify vehicles in need of repair or service, as well as driver behaviour contributing to excessive fuel burn. Blutip is committed to helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their environmental sustainability goals.