Anglo American is one of the world’s largest mining companies, with over $20 billion in revenues and copper, diamond, platinum, iron ore, nickel, and coal operations around the globe. Anglo American’s environmental sustainability efforts focus on reducing carbon footprint and increasing biodiversity across their operations. The company’s commitment to the communities they operate in is matched by its fiscal performance. In 2016, Anglo American reduced net debt by 34%, reduced production costs by 9%, and reduced capital expenditures by 37%.

Blutip is pleased to assist Anglo American in both its environmental and economic stewardship efforts. In 2014, Blutip conducted successful deployments of its advanced universal controller, SmartRControl, at Anglo American’s Dawson, Capcoal, and Drayton mines in Australia. The SmartRControl units were deployed on Caterpillar 785, 789, 793, and 797 haul trucks. Following the successful deployement, the companies executed an agreement to supply SmartRControl units across Anglo American’s coal mines in Australia.

SmartRControl optimizes engine maps to reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint by up to 8% while maintaining the power and other functionality of the original engine manufacturer’s electronic control unit. Blutip provides a more complete combustion within the engine compartment itself, resulting in up to a 70% reduction in particulate emissions. In addition, Blutip’s data analytics tools provide better data for operational decision-making, such as engine loading time distributions, GPS data, and quantitative assessment of other fuel-saving technologies.