Contract Miners Gain an Edge

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Many mining companies around the world have a business model that includes contractors for an entire mining cycle, or a portion of it.  Contract miners allow companies to equip or re-equip mines with restricted capital budgets. Using contractors can provide a number of advantages to mine owners. They offer economies of scale and scope through access to capital equipment and human resources, both in mining and in technical areas such as mine management, plant operations, mine planning, and materials handling.

To bid and win new mining contracts, contract miners must continuously evolve to remain competitive. The equipment they operate is a crucial evaluation criterion by which mining companies award a given contract. Newer models of equipment with better fuel efficiencies enable fuel savings to be passed on to the client, putting the contract miner in a better position to win tender bids. With that being said, acquiring new mining equipment is capital intensive, and many contract miners are not in a position to be able to justify such an expenditure.

So how do you have your cake and eat it too? Imagine if there was a way to realize efficiency gains on your older equipment without having to purchase new, expensive heavy equipment. Blutip’s software allows for older equipment to run like new!

Our software optimizes the combustion properties of diesel fuel, electronically, typically allowing for a 4-5% efficiency gain on a wide variety of heavy mining equipment. Regardless of whether it is a wet hire or dry hire, our software achieves instantaneous fuel savings directly from your equipment, putting your contract mining company at a significant advantage.

Don’t let older equipment dictate whether you win or lose a contract. Installing Blutip’s software will increase your value proposition with no initial investment, and, coupled with Blutip's SmartRView portal, give you access to data and analysis to help you better plan maintenance, train drivers, and evaluate fuel additives. Unleash potential savings, position yourself better amongst your peers, and win your next bid by incorporating Blutip’s SmartRFuel platform into your 2018 strategies.

Gain a competitive edge in fuel management on your next tender. Contact us to get started today.