Deloitte's Top 10 Mining Trends for 2018

mining horizontal drill.jpg

As PDAC rolls into Toronto, Deloitte opines on the top 10 mining trends for 2018. Number 1?  Using insights from data to innovate. Here are the top 5:

1. Using insights from data to innovate. Using data to optimize production, increase efficiency, and reduce costs is now not optional - it is table stakes. Cory Takenaka of Teck Resources measured idle time in seconds as part of a project at Line Creek mine. His idle time analysis and operational improvements led to a 15% increase in fleet efficiency, saving millions of dollars. Because of the scale of mining operations, shaving seconds or pennies off a cycle with improved data analysis can save millions of dollars in mine operation costs.

2. Driving towards innovation maturity. This mostly has to do with making innovation a part of longer-term strategy, not just a one-off driver of short-term results.

3. The fight for digital talent. The digital mine is becoming a reality. New skills are required, from understanding robotics to using social tools to managing culture across generations. How will your mining company rebrand and re-skill to become a digital mine?

4. Changing public and customer perceptions. Mining companies need to rebuild trust with customers and with governments, starting with more transparency about initiatives AND results in the areas of environmental responsibility and workforce practices.

5. Transforming stakeholder relationships. This seemed quite related to item #4 to us, but Deloitte added the need to consult with local communities and create a sense of shared value. That would certainly build engagement and trust over time.

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