Blutip Adds Talent in South Africa, Latin America, and Australia

We've added three new sales directors to handle the growing demand for SmartRFuel products and services on three continents: South Africa, Latin America, and Australia. As you can see, they have mining experience, smarts, and a bit of personality, too. 

 Colm Quinn, DIrector of Regional Sales, South Africa

Colm Quinn, DIrector of Regional Sales, South Africa

A self-described “mongrel,” Irishman Colm Quinn, spent most of his life living in Asia rather than his native Ireland. He came to South Africa 5 years ago for a 12-month contract and stayed. 

Great weather, rugby, and wine, where else but South Africa could I go?
— Colm Quinn, Director of Regional Sales, South Africa

Carving out a name for himself in the energy sector in Africa, Colm advised and consulted for various international institutions in the energy sector until an offer from Canadian firm, Blutip Power was tabled in January. “The opportunity to partner with a small company who share the same values and ethics partnered with an incredible product, was too good to turn down.”

“Everything seemed to align at the right time – I know the African market quite well and see incredible potential in Blutip. Its ‘entry to market’ strategy is risk-free and creates benefit for our clients at no cost. We are bringing a service that is win-win at a time when the region needs positive partnerships to assist with growth.”

Colm resides in Cape Town and on SAA. Contact Colm at

 Cristhian Tomaduz, Director of Regional Sales, Latin America

Cristhian Tomaduz, Director of Regional Sales, Latin America

Cristhian is Uruguayan, but also multicultural, having lived in different Latin American countries. He has lived in Chile with his family since 2009. Well-versed in technology, he is the former head of the Google Maps unit for Latin America. "I've toured all of Latin America as sales manager of a software company focused on banking and finance. After a while, this great opportunity with Blutip came to start applying all my regional and technology knowledge, acquired by more than 10 years of hard work. Blutip builds technology you can trust."

Contact Cristhian at

 Martin van Diemen, Director of Regional Sales, Australia

Martin van Diemen, Director of Regional Sales, Australia

An experienced Sales & Marketing Director, Maarten van Diemen came to Australia from The Netherlands with his partner and has been living in Melbourne for 20 years. They have a family of 3 and are active in Scouts Australia.

As the youngest son in a family of 8, I learned to negotiate and seek compromise from an early age. Sales and marketing is in my blood, as is delivering on promises and managing stakeholders.
— Maarten van Diemen, Director of Regional Sales, Australia

Early on he made his mark by developing satellite sales offices and growing these to maturity, building successful teams in ANZ, India and SEA. His network spans many industries and applications, including: Mining, Lubrication, Protective Coatings, Road-marking, Chemical Processing, Food & Sanitary, Decorative Paint, Sealants & Adhesives, ITT, Data-centers and Critical Power. 

Previously, he held positions at Graco Fluid Handling, who provide the mining industry globally with on-board lubrication, grease injectors, transfer pumps, hoses and dispense nozzles for fuel storage, lube trucks and maintenance workshops. Maarten is a qualified Engineer (MSc.) and recently completed his MBA -International Business at University of Liverpool.

“I have strong work ethic and am known for consistent execution of strategic plans. When the Canadian ‘cleantech’ company Blutip Power Technologies approached me to spearhead their efforts in the Australian market, launching their new platform SmartRFuel to reduce fuel consumption; I quickly decided to take on this opportunity to make a significant and meaningful contribution to the industry.”

Contact Maarten at