Better Data for Mine Procurement Decisions

mine procurement decisions

Every year, mining companies are pitched on the benefits of new technologies boasting improved fuel efficiency, lowered maintenance costs and other operation benefits.  But how do you know which technologies will work in your particular mine scenario? Altitude, temperature, grade, tray loading, and haul routes can all impact the performance of fuel additives. A side-by-side efficiency deployment in the target mine is the gold standard for technology evaluation. 

blutip smartrview data analytics portal

The Blutip SmartRView platform has a lengthy history of quantifying the efficiency gains delivered by such products. SmartRView is a cloud-based telematics system that collects fuel data from sensors on your fleet. The benefits of third-party offerings including premium diesel fuels and petrochemical additives for Big-6 oil and gas producers can be quantified right on your mine site with SmartRView. The value of these deployments can be measured in terms of the benefits delivered or an informed decision not to purchase.

One example of using SmartRView to quantify the benefits of fuel additives is our work with Viva Energy Australia. SmartRView's performance measurement platform was deployed at a Viva Energy-supplied site in order to quantify the efficiency gains attributable to Shell’s Diesel Extra formulation. Blutip instrumented a fleet of haul trucks with high-precision, cloud-connected fuel measurement equipment and characterized key attributes of each mining haul cycle. Upon completion of the deployment, Blutip used linear regression analysis to model the efficiency impact of fueling with Shell Diesel Extra.

In addition, when selecting new equipment for purchase, total cost of ownership and expected productivity are among the most important factors.  Accurate fuel consumption and efficiency data captured during pilot projects comparing machines from different manufacturers can inform procurement decisions and increase bargaining power for the purchaser.  The decision made at the time of purchase will impact fleet efficiency possibly for decades. 

Finally, when negotiating fuel supply agreements, mining procurement teams do their best to predict trends in fuel pricing, and to accurately estimate the quantity of fuel needed.  The SmartRView platform can dramatically improve fuel use forecasting by extrapolating fuel use into the future.  This data also supports the development of models to predict how fuel usage will increase as mining activity deepens, or extends farther from mineral processing facilities.  This information supports improved budgeting/ P&L forecasts and can be used to assess the value of increasing on-site diesel storage capacity. 

Don't just estimate the benefits of new additives or equipment. Know. Make smarter procurement decisions with Blutip's SmartRView. Contact us today to get a free copy of our Mine Audit for examples of how other mines have used SmartRView's data streaming and analysis to make better decisions and save millions of dollars over the mine lifecycle.