How Do You Know Which Trucks to Retire?

It's a sunny Friday morning and we're thinking of retirement. Truck retirement, that is.

A reality of mining is that in some situations operators find themselves with more equipment than circumstances require.  Blutip's SmartRView engine mode maps and idle time analysis can quickly demonstrate how overworked or underutilized equipment may be. 

For an mine with excess trucking capacity, the parking or divestment of equipment can be the fastest way to realize increased efficiency and lower operating costs without sacrificing productivity.  The SmartRView platform can be used to identify the most appropriate assets to remove from service. 

How does it work?  SmartRView's meter body, sensor pack, and measurement controller collect a variety of data associated with fuel usage on each truck:  loading, incline, route, engine temperature, etc. Data is then streamed to the analytics unit, which develops models relating fuel use to pit depth, ramp grade, distance from processing, equipment age, etc. These models facilitate better operational decisions, such as when to retire trucks or perform condition-based maintenance.

One such example is a Latin American Coal mine operation that reduces production during drier periods in order to reduce the creation of dust.  Using SmartRView data, trucks operating at the lowest efficiency and those approaching a major maintenance interval were selected in order to maximize the reduction in operating cost associated with the rationalization.  By including the 12 least efficient haul trucks in the set of parked vehicles, the operating efficiency of the fleet was immediately improved by 3%.  

Many of our customers find that the ongoing and historical operational data available in the SmartRView web portal is the most valuable component of Blutip's SmartRFuel platform, because it helps them make smarter operational decisions affecting their entire mine or construction site. And the price of all that data and analysis? Free. It's part of our no risk, all reward Savings-as-a-Service pricing model. That's something your CFO and your mine manager can both get behind. Contact us today to learn more.