Driver Behavior Reduces Fuel Burn

Driver behavior has a significant impact on the efficiency of mining haul truck operations. The acceleration and deceleration of loads, equipment speed, the amount of lateral travel and cornering technique, all contribute to overall haulage efficiency.   

Through the use of Blutip's SmartRFuel platform, operators who are coached and rewarded to improve their behavior can be evaluated in terms of their efficiency, safety and productivity. Simply conveying to the operators that fuel consumption and haulage efficiency are being monitored in most cases results in an immediate efficiency boost. Through its cloud-based online portal, known as SmartRView, Blutip can produce shift-aligned fuel efficiency statistics which are sensitive to tonnage, distance and vertical travel in order to support operator evaluation. Blutip staff can also assist with the development of programs to reward positive outcomes. 

An added benefit of efficiency coaching is reduced vehicle maintenance costs, as driver behaviors consistent with higher fuel efficiency are typically less punishing on equipment. Better driving behavior typically results in less tire, brake, and driveline wear. 

Blutip's extensive diesel fuel, operator behavior, and equipment maintenance data can help you save 2-5% of your fuel costs and reduce component wear. Contact us today for a no-charge, site-specific Mine Audit to drive down fuel costs at your site.

Blutip uses the intelligence inherent in the Industrial Internet of Things to produce smarter diesel fuel management platforms. Blutip SmartRFuel reduces fuel costs, lowers carbon footprint by 4-5%, and provides 10X more accurate data on fuel consumption. And our no risk, all reward approach to pricing means you pay nothing until you save money on fuel. If you’d like to discuss how Blutip can help you unlock productivity, lower costs, and reduce your carbon footprint, please contact us.