Trends in Energy Consumption by Industry Sector

We came across a very helpful data source the other day and thought we’d share it: the International Energy Agency’s new interactive tool (for information visualization purists, it’s a Sankey diagram) which depicts consumption of fuel by end industry sector. Unlike high-level data sources, it breaks industry sectors down into such detail as mining, rail, marine, construction, and road transport.

Each sector’s consumption of energy is then further split into a handy pie chart depicting the amount of oil, natural gas, coal, geothermal, and other types of energy used in each industry. It’s available at a global level, and with country-by-country detail. The data is available for individual years from 1973-2014. For advanced analytics nerds (we do have a few at Blutip), this data is a treasure trove for all sorts of in-depth analysis.

For the rest of us, there’s this handy infographic, also from the IEA, showing among other things that 37% of power generation will come from renewables in 2040, compared to 23% today. However, oil consumption will continue to grow, from 92 million barrels per day in 2015 to 103 million barrels per day by 2040, due to rising demand from developing nations and a predicted doubling of the global vehicle fleet. It also shows that the energy sector is not yet on track to be carbon-neutral by 2100, as pledged in the Paris Agreement. The goal of the Paris Agreement is to address climate change by keeping the global temperature increase this century below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Blutip helps customers such as Anglo American, Newmont, oil sands producers, and power generators reduce their carbon footprint and fuel consumption. Blutip’s SmartRFuel platform optimizes the engine map for specific applications, promoting fuel economy and a cleaner fuel burn. In a deployment on three Newmont haul trucks, for example, Blutip was able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 102 tonnes per year per truck.

We’re fans of good data and using it to help our mining, construction, and power generation customers achieve their GHG and particulate emissions targets. We’re committed to an environmental future that is not just smart, it’s smarter.

Blutip uses the intelligence inherent in the Industrial Internet of Things to produce smarter diesel fuel management platforms. Blutip SmartRFuel reduces fuel costs, lowers carbon footprint by 4-5%, and provides 10X more accurate data on fuel consumption. And our no risk, all reward approach to pricing means you pay nothing until you save money on fuel. If you’d like to discuss how Blutip can help you unlock productivity, lower costs, and reduce your carbon footprint, please contact Rick at 647-274-6695 or