Top 50 Mining Companies Return 34% to Shareholders

In the last 18 months since mining bottomed out, the top 50 mining companies returned 33.9% to their shareholders. The top 50 mining companies are now worth $896 billion.



Vale leads the way, accounting for 14.8% of the valuation of the top 50 while posting a 51.8% increase in value over the past year. Vale divested over $16 billion in non-core assets over the last 6 years and reduced SG&A expenses by $1.6 billion over the last 5 years. Vale has also reduced debt from $26 billion to $21.1 billion in the last 4 quarters.

The top performing mining companies all invested in innovation in 2017. For example, in Antamina's Ancash mine, 6 specially constructed drones monitor the operations of 120 giant mining trucks from the air. Vale's S11D mine in Brazil, it's largest iron more mine worldwide, was designed with innovative practices to reduce environmental impact. The mine was located in a previously deforested area outside a national forest, reducing vegetation clearance by 40%. Instead of using trucks to transport ore to the site, Vale installed mobile excavators and crushers. It's a move that is projected to reduce fuel consumption by over 70% and reduce waste from filters, lubricants, and used tires. In Peru, the Sociedad Nacional de Mineria, Petroleo y Energia (SNMPE) is promoting the development of innovation in mining by organizing mining hackathons that attract the participation of scholars from leading universities.

Powering this innovation is data - data about operators, trucks, fuel consumption, grades, loads, haul cycles and more. Blutip customers use our cloud-based SmartRView system to leverage sensors already on haul trucks and other equipment to analyze data that is not available in conventional fleet management or telematics systems, such as:

  • Haul cycle efficiency metrics (litres/tonne-km, litres/hour, etc.)
  • Fuel burn vs. vertical travel
  • Fuel burn vs. grade
  • Distance over ground
  • Total fuel burn since last service
  • Fuel injection map information
 SmartRView cloud-based data portal.

SmartRView cloud-based data portal.

If you're ready to leverage the data your trucks are already generating to make your mine more efficient, contact us today.