Protecting Your Engine Investment

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Mines invest many millions in fuel, and millions more in haul trucks, shovels and support equipment. Blutip’s SmartRFuel platform can save your mine up to 5% in fuel costs annually. But how do we protect your investment in your diesel engines?

SmartRFuel delivers benefit by adjusting fuel injection timing in order to maximize fuel efficiency.  The angle at which fuel is injected into a cylinder of a diesel engine is critical to ensuring the efficient, reliable and clean operation of the equipment it powers.

Injection algorithm development is a lengthy process completed primarily in dynamometer test cells where engines are carefully monitored for their power output, fuel consumption, boost pressures, temperatures, sound, vibration, and other factors. Generally, modification of baseline injection angles in the range of peak torque is limited or avoided. Injection angle limits are typically identified from within the original equipment manufacturer’s (“OEM”) map, or from the same engine tuned for a different application or region.

OEMs do not typically endorse or prohibit the application of third party products to their equipment. However, SmartRFuel has never been determined as the cause of any OEM engine failure. Blutip can also provide letters from engine remanufacturing facilities stating that the application of the SmartRFuel platform does not impact their warranty.

Blutip’s SmartRFuel platform can help you save 4-5% of your fuel costs, while protecting your investment in high-value engines.

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