South African Mining Returns to Profitability, Uncertainty Continues

A new September 2017 report from PricewaterhouseCoopers details how South African mines have returned to modest profitability due to a combination of price recovery coupled with technology-enabled cost reductions. However, uncertainty looms and capital expenditures are muted.

Better Data for Mine Procurement Decisions

Every year, mining companies are pitched on the benefits of new technologies boasting improved fuel efficiency, lowered maintenance costs and other operation benefits.  But how do you know which technologies will work in your particular mine scenario? A side-by-side trial using SmartRView's fuel usage sensors and cloud-based analytics portal gives you the data to decide.

Deloitte: Top 10 Mining Trends for 2017

Deloitte’s new report, Tracking the trends 2017, identifies the top 10 trends facing mining companies in the coming year.  It puts the spotlight on the next two years, noting that miners need to learn from mistakes of the past several years to figure out where to play and how to win. This will include rethinking strategy, lowering costs, using digital transformation to unlock productivity, and re-earning their social license to operate through sustainable environmental practices.

EquipmentShare Gets More Out of Construction Assets

At Blutip, we’re always on the lookout for smarter technologies and business model innovations that save money for our customers in the mining, construction, and power generation industries. Here’s one worth sharing: EquipmentShare, a Caterpillar-backed start-up in the $40 billion construction equipment rental industry.

Trends in Energy Consumption by Industry Sector

We came across a very helpful data source the other day and thought we’d share it:  the International Energy’s Agency’s new interactive tool (for information visualization purists, it’s a Sankey diagram) which depicts consumption of fuel by end industry sector.  Unlike high-level data sources, it breaks industry sectors down into such detail as mining, rail, marine, construction, and road transport.