Blutip builds smarter fuel management solutions for high-horsepower diesel engines.


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Case Studies

Blutip’s SmartRControl helps Anglo American reduce fuel costs and carbon footprint across its Australian coal operations.


Viva Energy Australia used SmartRView’s data analytics capability to measure efficiency gains from Shell Diesel Extra fuel formulation.


Blutip Fuel Savings-as-a-Service*


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No Hidden Charges





*Pricing subject to change based on operational requirements outside the SmartRFuel platform offering.  Pricing subject to taxes, levies or duties of applicable law or regulation based on jurisdiction. Performance Benchmarking customers pay import fees and travel expenses.


About Us

Some of the world’s largest operators of high-horsepower diesel engines trust Blutip’s SmartRFuel solutions to reduce fuel consumption and particulate engine emissions. Blutip’s current customers include large mining operators such as Cerrejón, Newmont and Anglo American, oil sands producers, and makers of power generators and fuel additives.

We directly measure fuel consumption on the engine itself, making the data up to 10X more accurate than traditional estimation methods. That means your managers can make better operational decisions to improve productivity, reduce carbon footprint, and lower risks and maintenance costs. It’s easy to get started because our cloud-based SmartRFuel platform is plug-and-play — there’s no infrastructure to rip out, replace, or install. And your CFO is bound to be happy with our Blutip Fuel Savings-as-a-Service pricing, which means you pay nothing until your company saves fuel. It’s no risk, all reward.


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